Adobe air android apk

adobe air android apkAdobe air android apk – we were talking about the arrival of Adobe AIR on Android, with a private beta only available to some and an official announcement in September, finally arrives with his Adobe Air version 2.5, also for the Google operating system. And ‘now available for download on the Android Market.
Android, Adobe Air arrives

For developers this means that you can develop projects with Adobe technology, knowing that users will not have problems to run them. The Adobe website will also feature links sufficient to test applications and bring them to the public ready to use. Now, in order to create applications compatible with Android, you can safely use Adobe Flex Builder or Flash CS5.

I also recommend you to upgrade Adobe Flash Player and also Adobe AIR, which also uses this plugin. With Adobe AIR you can enjoy your favorite web applications. This application runs on your device without a browser, offering the convenience of a native application.

We must make it clear that Adobe Air is supplied via the Android Market, but not an application, therefore we can not find it among the list of applications of our smartphone, even after installing it. In any case, do not worry, because every time we need it, Adobe Air will start and will allow us to read and use the applications developed specifically, those that use this technology.

Download adobe air android apk
You can download Adobe air android apk from android market for free here is the link [ Adobe air android apk ] or from these url

The only drawback to this fine news is that in order to use Adobe Air is no need to Android Froyo. Still another step forward by Android, what do you think?