How to log off twitter on android?

How to log off twitter on android? Apparently quite a lot of confused or do not know how to sign out Android Twitter account. If you are one of them, then follows to logout:

how to log off twitter on android

how to log off twitter on android

I sign out (remove account) Twitter Android:

Log into Twitter applications
Press the MENU
Click on Settings
Click the Twitter account is to be removed or replaced
Click the Remove Account.

Or try this one :

There are 2 ways to do that, here are;

1. Uninstall Tweetdeck from your android device and then re-install it again. But, this way is troublesome. Moreover if we often sign in and sign out from Twitter using Tweetdeck. So, it’s not recommended.

2. Clear Data; Just go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > TweetDeck > Clear data

Nice try! Please let us know if the way not work for your android device. We’ll try to get the solution.

Remove Android Twitter Account

On the Twitter apps that we use, the words “Remove Account” located at the bottom, so if in your Android screen is not visible, the scroll (scroll) down the screen first. may be useful